MAD Metascientists
A Collaborative gaming ecosystem for NFTs and digital assets.
MAD Metascientists is the first scene of the MAD Metaverse, an exciting new game based on the mechanics of evolution and set in a post-singularity meta-universe. Players and collectors can play-to-earn with a range of unique digitally living NFTs that perpetually evolve over time to increase in rarity and value to their owner.
Starting with the MAD Metascientist mint, the game will launch with an exclusive, one-time mint of 10,200 individually Unique MAD Metascientists. Each Scientist has a set of skills they can develop over time as they explore the MAD Metaverse in search of MAD Biometa, the most valuable resource in the MAD universe and available in just 3 distinct chemical forms: ERC721, ERC1155, and ERC20.
As Scientists look for new ways to harvest this MAD Biometa in sufficient amounts, they come to create assistance in the form of a dangerous new species of self-aware bio-digital organisms, the MAD Metacells. These Cells require MAD Biometa to survive and thrive so they are highly efficient at finding and harvesting MAD Biometa. The problem, they also have a desire of their own – to evolve into highly sentient, powerful beings. Scientists are incentivised to help the MAD Metacells to evolve, as they increase in value and MAD Biometa harvesting. MAD Metascientists assist cellular evolution through the in-game lab, influencing the evolution and skills of their Cell with the help of MAD Biometa including external NFTs that allow the Cells to evolve further beyond the hundreds of in-game characteristics.
At the heart of the MAD Metaverse are the players, the collectors, artists and sponsors, each with a key and unique role in the gameplay that will shape the evolution of the whole MAD Metaverse ecosystem.


With time, all things mutate. It’s unavoidable, a universal constant. From nebula to protostar; single-cell to intelligent life; clockwork to artificial intelligence. We are creatures born, shaped, and sustained by change. The concept of evolution underpins everything we do, touches everything we create. Evolution is reflected in our personalities, our culture, our art, and more viscerally in our emotional, intellectual and spiritual ambitions.
MAD Metascientists is not just about evolution but is a true evolution in terms of metaverse and NFT game developments. No longer static 2D images and avatars, MAD Metascientists and their MAD Metacells are constantly changing, adopting new characteristics over generations. The avatars here evolve traits influenced by their ancestry and interactions with the world around them.
The game takes place in the post-singularity, amongst the scorched and shattered metascape split across realms and parallel universes. Players take on the role of MAD Metascientists, the brightest and most crazed minds of the last surviving humanoid sentients — roaming the MAD Metaverse in search of MAD Biometa, the most valuable energy source in existence, powerful enough to sustain life and even create it.
In order for the MAD Metascientists to harvest enough MAD Biometa and to do so over time they soon realise the need for help. Playing God with the use of advanced genetic stem cell sequencing and Quantum cybernetics, the Scientists go on to create a powerful, yet dangerous new species, the MAD Metacells.
The MAD Metacells are a species of self aware bio-digital Super organisms with their own insatiable desire to evolve and grow. To achieve their goal, the MAD Metacells must also harvest MAD Biometa, something they're very skilled at finding, harvesting and cultivating. As the MAD Metacells grow and evolve, they too realise they can fuel their own evolution and grow their power faster if they could spread out, and so they spawn a species of their own, the MAD Nanocells.
MAD Nanocells are tough ephemeral creatures that learn to efficiently mine MAD Biometa and even hack the biology of other MAD Nanocells to drain them of their MAD Biometa and stay alive. With time, the MAD Nanocells learn to protect themselves and their tribe from the dangers and hostile strangers roaming the Mad Metaverse also in search of the only source of life and power in the universe, MAD Biometa.
Mad Metascientists is built on the Ethereum blockchain where gamers and collectors can stay assured that they own their in-game assets, stored as NFTs with every single one having provenance on the Ethereum blockchain. As the platform evolves, Mad MetaScientists will introduce cross-chain support for richer ecosystem interoperability and reduced transaction fees, including integrations with Polygon, and Solana.
Metacells: Artificially intelligent, bio-digital super organisms.


MAD Metascientists is a brand new play-to-earn NFT game where players can collect, earn, buy and sell a variety of newly-minted and constantly-evolving NFT's that grow increasingly more rare through gameplay. Based on the principles of evolutionary science, MAD Metascientists is the first NFT game that allows players and collectors to give new life to their otherwise static NFT art and collectibles. Through the game's evolutionary mechanics players can use existing ERC-20 tokens and 3rd party NFTs like BAYC or Cryptopunks to enhance their gameplay experience and impact their MAD Metascientists assets (especially MetaCells). MAD Metascientists represents a groundbreaking opportunity for NFT collectors, gamers, artists, sponsors and investors due to the innovative gameplay and huge engagement potential. The Mad Metaverse provides an engaging in-game incentive structure, meaningful utility and huge potential for collaboration across the Crypto sphere. MAD Metascientists has created and will use a self-sustaining business model to allow players to have fun and earn while doing so. MAD Metascientists will launch with a limited collection of just 10,000 MAD Metascientists, each with varying skillsets and levels. Each Scientist is unique and provably rare, with their existence stored on the Ethereum blockchain and with the ability to generate another form of NFT & in-game asset in the form of MAD Metacells. These Scientists and Cells are generative gameplay collectibles with algorithmically determined characteristics and skillsets. As the game evolves the number of traits available increases and diversifies which results in increasingly more idiosyncratic evolutions and rarer in-game assets. The goal for players no matter which role they play as, Scientist, Biometa or Nanocell, is to harvest MAD Biometa in order to advance their evolution and grow their tribe. By doing this players will increase the rarity and change the attributes and skills of their Scientist or Cell, allowing them to harvest more Biometa and stand a chance against the dangers posed by other players and bad actors amongst the shattered landscape of the MAD Madverse. In crafting MAD Metascientists we've partnered with a globally diverse range of talent; from world-renowned artists, top tier-developers, game experts and scientists to develop game mechanics that will generate never before seen aesthetics in NFT's. We've also partnered with Kevuru Games, famously known for their work on Fortnite, and with renowned studios like Disney, Lucas Films, Ubisoft and EA Games) to ensure the gameplay, including roaming, battling and evolving is as visually exciting and engaging as players have seen in any other MMOG. The game is crafted to appeal as broadly as possible to a range of players and collectors whilst of course, keeping players curious and engaged with the ever-evolving Madverse.

Value Proposition

At the heart of the MAD Metascientists is its underlying ecosystem, delivering value to its key stakeholders in several ways:

Collectors & Gamers

  • Collectors and gamers starting NFTs, called MAD Metascientists, are limited edition, original collectibles with a story that actually evolves through gameplay like no other digital asset around.
  • Simply by playing MAD Metascientists, collectors can generate unique, never-seen-before NFTs—as well as mutated versions of their existing third-party collectibles.
  • The game will launch with 10,000 MAD Metascientists, each with a unique set of traits and varying degrees of rarity.
  • Players can earn airdropped one-off NFT collections crafted by some of the metaverse’s most talented, rare, and sought-after digital artists, exclusively made for MAD Metascientists.
  • Create a form of in-game-dividend through gameplay with MAD Metascientists and MAD Metacells, allowing you the ability to provide value to other players and earn crypto back.
  • Collect Scientists and secondary species, called Cells, to increase the likelihood of your NFT collection developing rarer and more valuable traits.

Artists & Creators

  • Reach a passionate and diverse audience of gamers and collectors seeking unique, collectible NFTs.
  • Earn special rewards for contributing artwork prizes distributed to collectors.
  • Vote on ecosystem and Metaverse proposals, and help curate collections distributed in-game.
  • Artists commissioning work for MAD Metascientists will be a part of the pioneering wave in developing living NFTs — an emerging and highly sought after medium.
A Collaborative Framework
At MAD Metascientists, the idea of collaboration—sharing, celebrating and growing the creativity and passion within our community—rests at the very heart of everything we do. In fact, it’s an absolutely fundamental component to our community building. By designing a flexible framework with versatile interface points for theoretically any and all cryptocurrencies and NFTs in the MAD Metaverse, we see this as the nexus for gamers, artists, collectors, investors, and creators around the world.
While we're launching with, and basing the game’s architecture on, Ethereum’s blockchain, we're working fast to incorporate other blockchains like Solana and layer 2 scaling solutions such as Polygon. This will give players and collectors even more freedom to interact with the MAD Metascientist ecosystem in the way that they want. We’re also working to allow players to introduce as many third-party NFTs as possible into our environment, starting with CryptoPunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club, The Doge Pound Puppies, Zedrun, Meebits, and Satoshibles when we launch.

Game Play

Game Play Overview

MAD Metascientists will begin with an initial sale where all 10,000 MAD Metascientists will be sold at auction, allowing the market to dictate the value of the assets. This is the most efficient sale process and will directly generate access for the most enthusiastic gamers and collectors.
Following the Genesis Drop, players will be able to move their Scientist into the MAD Metaverse and explore the in-game dashboard and main hub for each player, The Lab. Fairly early on Scientists will be able to generate, with enough Biometa, their first and likely only, Metacell. These Metacell's can be created and evolved within a special catalytic chamber inside The Lab, known as the 'Petri Dish'.
The evolution process of every Metacell is entirely unique. Placing the Cell into a Petri Dish acts as a catalyst to the evolution process—and with each Generation, occurring every 100th new block generated on the Ethereum blockchain, there are three possible outcomes:

1. Evolution

As a MAD Metacell evolves, its new characteristics gradually emerge through an algorithmic process which determines and analyzes hundreds of different traits. The more evolutions a MAD Metacell undergoes, the more unique and rare it becomes. By the 20th evolution, every Metacell will likely have an entirely different aesthetic, making for truly one-of-a-kind NFTs and high-stakes gameplay.
MAD Metascientists are also able to influence the evolution of their MAD Metacell with a few methods: The first is simply by providing the Metacell with more MAD Biometa.
The second method is by adding a secondary biodigital species, MAD Nanocells into the Petri Dish. Through this process, the emerging traits of the Nanocell are absorbed by the more powerful Metacell during Symbiosis—which will destroy the Nanocell completely but yields a more powerful, evolved Metacell with additional traits.
The third method is by introducing external elements such as third-party NFTs or ERC20 tokens. Scientists can inject these variables (by staking their NFT or depositing crypto) into their Petri Dish. These third-party elements influence gameplay factors like how Metacells evolve, the rate of evolution, or improving the likelihood of a Metacell spawning new Nanocells.

2. Spawning

On occasion, a MAD Metacell will spawn a sub-species of MAD Nanocell. While these Cells do not evolve or spawn anything of their own, they carry extremely useful traits and abilities that allow players to not only harvest more Biometa but also to battle other players through biodigital hacks, as well as playing a defensive role for players who are being attacked by other Scientist's and their Cells.
These spawned Nanocells provide powerful utility for Mad Metaverse players—they can be bought, sold, and traded for currency, or used to help further evolve Nanocells. Even later players without a Scientist or Metacell will have the opportunity to acquire and curate a collection of Nanocells, providing a play-to-earn avenue for gamers who missed the initial Genesis Drop and earlier stages of the game.

3. Mutated Third-Party Collectibles

When certain rare external third-party collectibles, called Hosts, are introduced (like CryptoPunks or Bored Apes), players can trigger a Chain Reaction, accelerating the evolution of your Metacell and resulting in spawning a Nanocell, usually within 24-72 hours. Chain Reactions are guaranteed to generate a newly-minted, mutated version of your third-party NFT, with some of these NFT characteristics impacting your Metacell's evolution...
Back in the Lab, Scientists can run an Evolutionary Diagnostic, which provides a living report on each of their active Cells. These diagnostics summarize a host of useful data points for players, including Cell characteristics, number of evolutions, number of generations since their last evolution, and their Cell's relative scarcity compared to others in the 'Field', the Mad MetaScientists in-game marketplace.
This is the second pivotal gameplay evolution introducing a PvP battle game for scientists to earn Biometa and enhance their MAD Nanocell attributes and skills. As Scientists evolve their Nanocells in the Lab they develop a unique set of attributes that determine their skills such as speed, power, energy and other special abilities. A Nanocells' skills can be enhanced through engaging in battles and feeding them Biometa. As a Nanocell's skills develop, so too does their rarity, uniqueness and their ability to win battles, providing their owners with an increasingly valuable asset for generating Biometa and increasing it's market value. Here is a sneak peek at some of the early sketches of the evolutionary process for Nanocells.
You can check out even more sketches and learn more about the gameplay by taking a peek at our Game Design Document (GDD). Our partners are working on this as we move into development of the 3D MAD Metaverse!

Game Play Components

MAD Metascientists contains the following key gaming components:
  1. 1.
    MAD Metascientists: Collectors/Players first NFT and avatar.
  2. 2.
    The Lab: In-game dashboard and main activity hub.
  3. 3.
    MAD Metacells: NFTs that have a unique set of characteristics evolving over time. These can also spawn a sub-species.
  4. 4.
    MAD Nanocells: Sub-species of Biodigital organisms spawned from MAD Metacells. These Nanocells are capable of battle in the form of Hacks used to overcome enemies and drain them of Biometa as well as playing a defensive role. MAD Nanocells can also be used to advance MAD Metacell evolution.
  5. 5.
    MAD Biometa: The main energy source and power found within the MAD Metaverse. MAD Biometa must be found and harvested by Scientists and Cells alike.
  6. 6.
    Evolution: Pivotal moments in the game when a Cell will evolves with a new attribute, making it stronger than before.
  7. 7.
    Host Protocol: The process by which new, mutated iterations of 3rd party NFTs are created and Cells are advanced.
  8. 8.
    The Field: The in-game marketplace for trading Scientists, Metacells, Nanocells and resources.
  9. 9.
    Endangered Species List: An in-game rarity tracker for Cells.
  10. 10.
    Artists: Creators who provide original exclusive collections to win as prizes

MAD Metascientists

MAD Metascientists are the very first characters and NFTs in the MAD Metaverse. Only 10,000 of them, each with a series of skills and characteristics will ever exist. Scientists ultimate goal as the last remaining humans is to push the boundaries of knowledge and creation. The only way to do this is through the discovery and harvesting of MAD Biometa. MAD Metascientists are also the only players able to create a Metacell, something that takes considerable energy. Scientists are able to create and build within the Mad Metaverse, so whilst they aren't as proficient at harvesting Biometa, they are a necessary and skilled bunch, central to the game.

MAD Metacells

MAD Metacells are collectible NFTs that are uniquely identifiable, evolving bio-digital organisms. Utilizing MAD Metascientists groundbreaking AI algorithms, MAD Metacells will continuously evolve as part of their insatiable desire to acquire more power, self-awareness and ultimately, MAD Biometa. While Metacell evolutions will eventually occur on their own, Scientists can accelerate this process with Biometa, for instance, by introducing third-party NFT collectibles to their Petri Dish, potentially resulting in not only evolution but the spawning of rare, new mutated versions of the player’s third-party NFT.
MAD Metacells evolve and develop a distinct set of traits through different stages of their maturity. Each evolution is randomised with time being measured in Generations which occur with every 100th block produced on the Ethereum blockchain. The opportunity for evolutions occurs with every generation. Evolutions produce new traits in the Metacell, which in turn increases their overall power, skillset and rarity.

MAD Nanocells

MAD Nanocells are the by-product of Metacell's need to evolve and grow. In their discovery of self-awareness, Metacells realised that replication allows them to harvest more Biometa... and so the first Nanocells were spawned. These Nanocells have a series of offensive and defensive traits that allow them to battle and hack other Cells to drain them of their Biometa and allow them to navigate the dangerous Madscape to find and harvest Biometa. Through every hack and battle interaction, Nanocells become hardened, they're made stronger and more advanced or they die.
MAD Nanocells provide an on-ramp for players that missed the Genesis drop and earlier elements of gameplay. They also provide strong utility for owners of Metacells (and Scientists) as they can be bought, sold, and traded in the Field for currency and/or other Cells. Alternatively, MAD Nanocells can be added into a Petri Dish to enhance the evolution of a larger MAD Metacell.


MAD Metacells have a chance to evolve with every passing generation—which are moments in time that are tracked and synced with every 100th new block formed on the Ethereum blockchain. While the timing of a Cell's evolution is randomized, Scientists have the ability to catalyze or otherwise increase the likelihood of an evolution by using MAD Biometa.

The Lab

The Lab is the in-game dashboard and main activity hub of MAD Metascientists. After players have logged in by securely connecting their wallet to the Lab, they will be given access to various in-game features including the ability to create a MAD Metacell.

Host Protocol

The Host Protocol is the proprietary engine powering MAD Metascientists custom NFT generation feature. The process begins when a Scientist introduces a Host (3rd party NFT) to their Lab’s Petri Dish. The MAD Metacell contained within their Petri Dish will then spontaneously interact with the Host, resulting in the spawning of a MAD Nanocell OR in the generation of a new, completely custom version of their Host NFT containing traits of their original Cell. These newly-minted NFTs may be reintroduced into the Mad MetaScientists ecosystem via the Petri Dish to influence future evolutions, or otherwise sold or traded in the Field.
After the Host Protocol has been triggered, players are free to remove their original 3rd party NFT from the Lab and place it back into their personal wallet with no changes or damage ever done to the original NFT.

MAD Biometa

MAD Biometa is the most important resource in the MAD Metaverse. Available in 3 chemical forms, ERC721, ERC1155 and ERC20. Biometa is important for sustaining, evolving and creating new life. In the Lab, just as in nature, a Cell's evolution can be shaped and influenced by the variables in its environment. MAD Biometa can increase the speed of a Cell's evolution and can be purchased in-game with the weekly sponsored token, discovered or won in the MAD Metaverse or traded in the field. Without Biometa, it's almost impossible for Scientists to create a MAD Metacell. Evolution and the spawning of MAD Nanocells is also dependent to some extent on Biometa, making it an ever important part of gameplay and a sought after commodity.

The Field

The Field is a marketplace where players can bid on, buy, and sell anything within the MAD Metascientists ecosystem. All NFTs will be fully interopable with the major NFT marketplaces enabling cross-posted on the OpenSea marketplace for secondary purchases.

Endangered Species List

The Endangered Species List is a real-time scarcity tracker that ranks the top 500 rarest and most sought-after Cells in the MAD Metascientists network based on their unique combinations of traits. The Endangered Species List describes each listed Cell's rare attributes, number of Cells with those respective attributes, and the latest transaction price.


Artists contributing to MAD Metascientists not only benefit from the autonomy and flexibility of working within a blockchain-backed ecosystem, affording them a breath of fresh air from difficult gallery owners and middlemen—they will also be part of the pioneering wave of a new, disruptive, highly collectible NFT category: Living Art. Artists receive special rewards when a Nanocell is spawned based on their artwork and will receive royalties with every future transfer of their artwork.

Advanced Game Play Mechanics

Play-to-Earn Opportunities

MAD Metascientists was designed with an engaging, rewarding, and fun play-to-earn mechanism that provides players a ladder into the game, no matter how they start out. Every generation, a set number of MAD Nanocells will be spontaneously generated (outside of the Spawned population), which will be made available for sale at an affordable and fixed price in the Field.
While Nanocells eventually decay over time if a Scientist neglects to interact with them, they can be perpetually sustained by using them to discover and harvest MAD Biometa as well as battling and hacking other Cells in order to accumulate enough Biometa to sustain life and evolve enough to advance their powers and new skills.
MAD Metascientists are encouraged to buy, sell, and trade their MAD Nanocells in the Field for currency, for alternatively skilled Nanocells—or even for Metacells!
The MAD Metaverse has a variety of revenue generation for players that aims to keep value inside the ecosystem. Players can earn in a variety of ways, whether they're a MAD Metascientist, Metacell or Nanocell. Here we'll cover some of the key Play to Earn opportunities for each player type: MAD Metascientists P2E opportunities - Grow the value of your MAD Metascientist - Become a MAD Super Scientist by learning new skills - Rent out lab features and sell enhancements made by MAD Super Scientist - Build MAD Metaverse items & create new dimensions - Create a MAD Metacell and earn MAD Biometa commissions from Metacells - Create MAD Nanocells and earn MAD Biometa commissions from Nanocells - Battle with MAD Nanocells, earn MAD Biometa - Trade and sell your MAD Metascientist, MetaCell or NanoCells - MAD Metacell splits and airdrops - Earn MAD Token ($BIOMETA) MetaCell P2E opportunities - Grow the value of your MAD Metacell through evolutions - Harvest and store MAD Biometa - Terraform new dimensions through harvesting Biometa - Create MAD Metacell tooling - MAD Metacell splits and airdrops - MAD Metacell priority launchpads - Create MAD Nanocells and earn MAD Biometa commissions from MAD Nanocells - Trade and sell your MAD Metacell or MAD Nanocells - Earn MAD Token ($BIOMETA)
NanoCell P2E opportunities - Grow the skills and value of your MAD Nanocell through upgrades - MAD Nanocell battles (Nano Wars) - Harvest and store MAD Biometa - MAD Nanocell Hacks - Enhance MAD Metaverse items - Enhance MAD Metaverse terraforming - Earn MAD Token ($BIOMETA)

Nano Wars

Nano Wars are exciting and rewarding battles against other scientists. Players can battle against one another with their MAD Nanocells to earn status points and drain opposing Cells of Biometa through offensive and defensive hacks. If the stakes aren't high enough, players can even raise them by putting extra Biometa.
Each MAD Nanocell has a set of ratings for its offensive and defensive attributes. These are determined by the Cell species, how the Cell is cultivated in the Lab and how frequently these cells are engaged in battles.
Gameplay in these Nano Wars also features chance and luck algorithms to ensure a fighting chance for smaller, weaker MAD Metascientists and their Cells.

Player Community

Sure, the post-singularity apocalypse might be a strange and scary place—but it’s certainly not a lonely one... Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, or trade rare Metacells and Nanocells in the Field; you’re scoping out the competition via the Endangered Species List, or you’re scouring the darkest areas of the MAD Metaverse — you’re bound to run into other Scientists... Friend or fierce enemy; that’s on you to decide as you shape your own destiny, and evolution— in MAD Metascientists.
Join our Discord community for all MAD Metascientists-related news, including announcements on sponsored tokens, top weekly rarity standings, new gameplay features and cyber battles, and much, much more. Scientists will also be using the community to collaborate and link-up with other like-minded players, and to share their newest creations.

Game Design

Whilst players and collectors wait eagerly for the Mad Metascientists game to kick-start, we're working hard on the game design and fine-tuning the details of gameplay including the Nano Wars and the evolutionary aspects of Cells. In line with our principles we like to keep things transparent so for a deeper dive into the Gameplay, feel free to check out our Game Design Document (GDD) which is frequently being updated by our partners as we develop the 3D MAD Metaverse!

Business Model

To play MAD Metascientists, initially users will need to first purchase a MAD Metascientist NFT which can be acquired during the Genesis Drop. If players miss out they'll be able to get hold of a MAD Metascientist via OpenSea on the secondary market. Once a player has a Mad Metascientist they'll be able to generate a MAD Metacell and subsequently MAD Nanocells. While players will need to use ETH to cover gas costs for transactions, there are no other overhead costs for playing MAD Metascientists. Following the launch, we’ll integrate with the Polygon network to reduce gas fees for players wanting to buy, sell and trade in the Madverse.
MAD Metascientists business model consists of multiple diverse revenue streams, including the Genesis Drop, secondary and tertiary NFT transactions within our marketplace, and through the promotion of third-party crypto projects within the game, in addition to various sponsorship and partnership opportunities.
Regarding those sponsorship opportunities, MAD Metascientists provides the ideal promotion spot for third-party crypto projects and partners seeking to build exposure and awareness. For example, MAD Biometa (in its ERC20 form), which serves as a central utility to the game and evolutionary mechanics of MAD Metacells offers an opportunity for true plug-and-play partnerships with third-party crypto projects that are extremely feasible. These sponsorships provide awareness, access to a passionate and engaged audience, and increased demand for the sponsored token while it's used in the game.
As a sponsor, tokens could become enhancements asset for that week, meaning if a player intends to enhance their Metacell's evolution, they will need to buy and use your token in the Mad Metaverse ecosystem driving on-exchange demand for the asset, whilst also locking all those tokens up. Tokens from a sponsor’s fixed fee are sent to an internal pool where they are securely held, to be added for future marketing, covering any operational costs or upgrades, and equity partner payouts.


We have deemed the time period between product launch and the end of Q1 2022 as Stage 1, which contains 8 key milestones. Stage 1 will be considered a ramp-up period with heavy focus on driving awareness for the MAD Metascientist Genesis Drop, player acquisition, procuring sponsors and partners, fine-tuning any emergent gameplay mechanics, and continued architecting of a “growth scaffolding” enabling future expansions of the game. Following Stage 1 the MAD Metascientist ecosystem, including its MetaCells, will evolve to its next state…

Q2 2022

The MAD Metascientist Mint

The entire ecosystem will spawn from a limited collection of 10,200 unique MAD Metascientists, those of which will be sold off at auction. MAD Metascientist holders can integrate their brand new animated scientist NFT into their very own lab.
The Lab Launch
Scientists start your Bunsen burners! It's now time to put that big brain of yours to work as you experiment with your cells in 'The Lab'. You can get to work on enhancing their scarcity, helping them to evolve or split them to increase their value.
The Field Launch
Our in-game marketplace is called The Field. Here is where you can buy and sell your in-game NFT's and over time, do a whole lot more.
The MAD Metacell Spawning
A drop of 10,200 MAD Metacells will be given to the MAD Metascientist owners. A further 10,000 Mad Metacells will be dropped on OpenSea and to The Field, our in-game marketplace.
MAD Token Airdrop We will be airdropping our in-game token, MADMetafuel aka $MAD, to kick-start your experimenting within 'The Lab' and 'The Field'.
MAD Metacell Evolution Inception MAD Metacells are constantly evolving NFT's. You may progress its evolution and initiate its metamorphosis through 'The Lab'.
MAD Metacell Manipulation
You may merge your MAD Metacells with other NFTs to experiment with unique DNA combinations, to create exceptional NFTs
Host Protocol
3rd party NFT collectibles such as CryptoPunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club, the Doge Pound Puppies, Zedrun, Meetbits and Satoshibles will be the initial run of compatible hosts within the MAD Metaverse. With additional host collectibles to be announced in the coming months.
Crypto Protocol Launch
The big crypto collaboration kicks off as we introduce ERC-20 tokens to the MAD Metascientist ecosystem as in-game enhancement viles. On any day, at any time, an ERC-20 token can become an ecosystem-wide enhancement asset. This special token can be deposited and used by players to activate certain enhancements within 'The Lab'. These features could include forcing a split or speeding up the cell's evolution.

Q3 2022

The MAD Metascientist Face Reveal Event
You will be able to put a face on the MAD Metascientist you own! In this event there will be a system on 'The Lab' that allows you to upload a face for your scientist. You will also be able to decide his/her attributes that are to be utilised withing the game's ecosystem.
Research Program Launch
You will be able to research technology inside 'The Lab'. This will assist in upgrading your MAD Metacell's rate of evolution, as well as spawning new MAD Nanocell attributes and much more.
Particle Program Launch
The Particle Program goes live once the Cell network can receive any new NFT collection, artwork series or cryptocurrency. MAD Metascientists will become a new distribution and marketing channel for new projects that are looking for mass exposure. All contributions and fees will go back to gameplay rewards and token holders.
The MAD Nanocell Spawn There will be a public drop of 10,000 MAD Nanocells to select individuals to kickstart the Nano Wars game.
The Field (Native DEX) Launch
'The Field' (a decentralised DEX, native to the MAD Metascientist ecosystem) launches to enable gas-free in-game trade, exchange and storage of your favourite NFT's.
Super Scientists
MAD scientist status is introduced where collectors with 10 or more MAD Metacells have the dexterity to create their own type of cell, name it and begin evolution.
The MAD Nanocell Airdrop
We will be airdropping 10,000 MAD Nanocells, to select users, to kickstart their journey towards the Nano Wars game.

Q4 2022

The Nano Wars Game
The ecosystem will commence its first upgrade as we prepare to enhance gameplay. This involves a more immersive 3D environment and will initiate airdrops of land to all holders of scientists in which they can begin cultivating.
Royal Bloodline
Once the royal bloodline has laid its claim, the conditions and opportunities of the royal cells will be announced. As a teaser, one of the features of a royal bloodline cell is a multiplier effect on enhancements!
The MAD Governance Token Airdrop
With the launch of the MAD Meta DAO token, it's time to hand over the keys and implement token voting. Players and contributors will now collectively control the outcome of the very project they participate in.
NANO Upgrades
You will be able to upgrade your MAD Nanocells to create remarkably complex, custom strategies to win battles against other MAD Metascientists.

Q1 2023

The Field 2.0 Launch
MAD Metascientists will become a completely independent ecosystem for all NFT's and crypto. MAD Metascientists is now a game that offers gas-free, feeless NFT and/or crypto airdrops, as well as, a complete marketplace for trade and exchange of your favourite NFT's and artworks.
Solana Cross-Chain Support
We will launch support for the Solana chain including an in-game bridge. This will start with a special SOLution event where any SOL token can be used to make a solution that creates a super-fast species.
For the latest updates on progress and more MAD Metascientists announcements, check out the Mad MetaScientists Discord.
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